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How do we do this?

Using the online form, give me a brief description on your book and your future plans (is it a standalone or a series?). We will have a no obligation chat. At any point, you may ask me any questions you may have regarding the design process.

I will contact you within 24 hours. We can share ideas and get an understanding of the story and theme of your book. At this point, there are no charges.

Once the initial thoughts are shared, I will get started and have a draft prepared. Once a draft is approved, I will work further to completion.

Once the design is approved by you, I will finalise the design and send it via PDF/TIFF/JPEG (once final payment is made). This includes the paperback (spine/back) if requested.

Remember, we can prepare any promotional material for social media!

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Who is OneGraphica?

Onur Aksoy is located in Melbourne, Australia. He holds years of experience in graphic design, animation and photo compositing. Now, he is primarily focusing on book cover design that caters for all genres, by providing current and upcoming authors the covers they need to stand out from the rest.

Please send me a message for a quote and we can talk about your upcoming book! 


Start to completion time is roughly 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the design complexity and schedule.

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